Candidates For Mid & West Wales

The below candidates are standing for election in the Welsh Parliament Elections in 2021 for Mid & West Wales

Emily Durrant

First Candidate

Tomos Barlow

Second Candidate

Harry Hayfield

Third Candidate

Marc Pearton-Scale

Fourth Candidate

Emily Durrant

Emily is a Powys County Councillor, a mother of two boys, board member and charity executive. Emily has spent her life working life bringing people and organisations together on issues of environmental and social justice, mostly in the food and farming sectors.

Tomos Barlow

Tomos is a current Geography student who originally comes from Anglesey. He moved to Ceredigion in 2019 to study where he has been active within the local Green Party helping with the campaign in the 2019 General Election in Ceredigion. He joined the party in 2018 in the belief that we need stronger environmental protections for the people of Wales and a different perspective in the Senedd, one that champions wellbeing over profit and one that is consistent on seeking a more sustainable and progressive future for Wales. He’s standing for election this year because he feels that there needs to be more youth representation within the Welsh Parliament as he feels that the Welsh Parliament at times has proven itself to be incredibly disconnected from the reality that young people and students face, especially when looking at the A-Level Crisis this year and its attitudes towards assessments in schools over the years. Green Rhetoric without Green Action is just simply not good enough for Tomos and it’s this that drives his belief that a Green is desperately needed in the Welsh Parliament as he believes that a Green representative will push hard for those Green Policies and that Green, long-term thinking on a national level which can really make better policies that promote social justice, equality and environmental justice for not just the generations now but also the generations to come, something he feels we currently don’t have in the Welsh Parliament. His simple message is Vote Green.

Harry Hayfield

I am delighted to have been duly selected as a candidate for the Welsh Senedd elections to be held next May and look forward to working with Emily, Tomos and Marc to ensure that Mid and West Wales becomes the place where Green Party history in Wales is made with the election of a regional member for the Greens. It is my hope, although this will have to be tempered by circumstance due to the spread of Covid-19, to visit every corner of this region, be it Blaenau Ffestinog in the north, long associated with its history of slate mining where coronavirus has hit the tourism sector hard, to Presteigne on the English border where local shops have been struggling to survive, to St. David's in the west, the smallest city in the entire United Kingdom and Llanelli in the south, home of the famous "Sospan Fach" and instead of most politicians, LISTEN to your concerns and act on them.

Marc Pearton

I live self-sufficiently in an off-grid home with my family just outside Tenby. I grew up in a working class family in Cardiff where I also went to University. I received my first degree in genetics followed by a PhD. I went on to work as a research scientist and lecturer in Cardiff and Bristol for many years. I have strong commitments to protecting the environment and a desire to promote and enhance biodiversity in Wales and the UK.

It is my belief that the average person of Wales still doesn’t get a sufficient voice within current political discourse, which has lead to a disconnect between politicians and the general public alongside a growing divide between left and right wing politics in general, this needs to change and I would like to be part of facilitating that change.

Wales has much to be proud of and in many areas it is leading the rest of the world, for example with its One Planet Development policy and the Well-Being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015, both of which have generated considerable international interest. However, there is still much to do.

While the Future Generations Act aims to make Wales healthier, more prosperous, resilient, equal with strong cohesive communities that have a rich culture and language but always respectful of the planetary boundaries - there still needs to be actions and policies implemented in order for the Act to become a reality and fulfil its full potential - we are not there yet! This is the principle reason why I would like to stand, to ensure the government is held to account and to implement a way for everybody in Wales to live a happy and fulfilled life without jeopardising the ecological and Earth systems that must be maintained.